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The capital of India, Delhi is a classic mixture of the bygone and the modern places. Delhi city is a mystery which becomes more interesting the more you travel it. There are few graveyards and mortuaries across the city that has many tales buried in their cemeteries.

Few graveyards seem like a lovely garden with lovely herbs and freshly mowed lawn. But, they are scary too! In today’s blog post I am telling you about an unexplored place in Delhi that is worth a visit, to see the deceased lie in honor, to note a unique memorial of a female soldier in a war cemetery.

The little-known Delhi War Cemetry was formed in 1951 when graves from many graveyards in northern India were moved into this place to assure their permanent maintenance. This cemetery is situated in Delhi Cantonment area and home to numerous martyrs across the globe who sacrificed their lives for the pride of their country. Over 1,022 Commonwealth casualties from World War II were buried here, mostly Dutch.

Later on, in 1966, about 99 casualties from World War I were moved into the memorial from Nicholson Cemetery, Kashmir Gate, Delhi. This war cemetery is open Monday to Friday from 7.45am – 5.00pm. The historic cemetery is a forgotten place, so you can only come here with the help of Google map.

The rumor about this place is that there is a dead woman in white saree and open hair that wanders in the cantonment area. The woman stops everyone for the help and asks for a lift. And, if you do not let her enter your car, she runs with you at the speed of the vehicle! Do you still dare to visit? Do tell me your views about the place in the comment section below.

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