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Misstalkaholic ki & ka movie

I felt sad when I saw Ki&Ka movie. There was a scene pictured in the film in the National Railway Museum where the hero takes heroine on a date. Being a Delhiite, I have never been to railway museum and I felt a tremendous wave of anger on myself. Then happened nothing, but I planned a visit to National Rail Museum.

The first of its kind in the country, The National Railway Museum of India is situated in the embassy region of Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. This museum focuses on preserving rail heritage of the country. Here you can see many models of trains, signaling equipment, antique furniture, etc. If you want to spend a day with friends or family, then you will have fun here for sure.

I guess I am the one & only who went wildly successful in running with the train. The person who went with me said, are you really serious?

rail museum
Inside the gallery!
railway museum
Cheers! I won the game!


The Indoor Gallery displays a combination of historical collection, train models, interactive games, etc. Apart from the gallery, you can also enjoy toy train ride, 3D virtual reality experience, miniature India, rail garden here.


Saved this little lamb from falling!


rail museum chanakyapuri
What if they come closer to each other?
At last, I reached my stop at Bikaner where I wanted to go for so long!

Rail Museum brings back fond memories of antiquity. I hope you enjoyed with me. It was fun, craziness, a childhood that came out over there.

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  1. praise God you saved the little lamb from destruction. congratulations on winning the game. what was your prize? mine was the stunning visuals you display and I didn’t even play 🙂

  2. COOL…WHAT BIG BUFFER PLATES YPU ARE BETWEEN! 🙂 I am a railway enthusiast, myself…although less active than when I was younger! One of my treasured possessions–although I can’t play it–is a Nick Lero video tour of the steam trains of India NS Pakistan.

  3. Nice photos and writing. Delhi does have so many jewels hidden. have you seen the sound and light shows at Purana Qila and Red Fort?

  4. Hey I have some destructive criticism; First) next time start a fire in the proximity of the lamb/sheep so that it will inspire some more drama (urgency)
    2nd) Wear a “Flash” costume when running in front of the train, it will add more realism.
    3rd) when posing for the shot where you keep the trains apart wear a Super Girl outfit, and it is alright not to show signs of stress or sweat, after all you will be as Super Girl it would be a breeze, a snap to be stronger that a “locomotive”
    There should be more destructive criticism bu am feeling generous, so generous in fact that I will now shut off adblocker (penny blocker to you).
    And oh yes, what a beautiful post and who is the pretty girl???????

    1. Haha, the first featured image is a still from a Bollywood film. So, that pretty girl is not me obviously. Aw. Never mind. I like your criticism and I am really enjoying reading it. I will keep your points in mind for future. I hope I’ll be able to do more craziness in future and this time with costume. Agh, who’s gonna pay for it. Yay, my ads huh!

      1. Yes, and it will be fine if the pennies made could only procure tatters of the Super Hero outfit cause A Super Hero gets a lot of wear and tear on outfits which are not invulnerable as the Hero is.

  5. Hello.. misstalkaholic..
    Living a Stone’s throw from
    a railroad trestle crossing a river
    growing up in a mill town as such..
    your post here as you guide us through
    the visual imagery Railroad Museum in India..
    is surely a delight to me..
    and i must say i admire your
    strength in
    out there as the
    guide host of this post
    and your others too.. as too
    often the flesh and blood element
    is missing in the world of blogging..
    sure.. not everyone is extroverted in a
    world of words.. and haha! that’s why i get
    out and dance in the real world too.. lest words
    to almost
    nothing without
    a real touch of life..
    anyway.. i truly enjoy
    your posts as they are
    refreshing in a world of words
    that often does not have a real world touch..
    and surely
    hehe.. i talk
    a lot too.. wiTh WiNks..;)

    1. Haha I Have read your comments on other blogs and liked them, wondered when you are gonna write so much to me… Today I achieved that. I am so pleased to know you like my posts. I know I try to put myself in almost all of the posts haha.. May be I am too obsessed with myself.

      1. sMiLes.. my FriEnd than
        surely we have something
        in common as you are the eYes
        of Living Nature in what i like to refer
        to as God as Nature.. and why wouldn’t
        Nature be happy
        to be
        with nature
        after 14 billion years
        or so much effort of crucible
        Star burst seeds as sentient star
        dust plus life like me and
        you.. coming to
        birth on
        planet eARTh..
        i understand this is heaven..
        i am no fool not to be able to look
        at a rock of moon or other stars now
        just hoping to burst into eYes of liFe
        like this.. so.. i celebrate this sliver.. this
        poTenTial of Human Heaven come to fruition
        as child of stars
        and Heaven
        friend now..
        and you know what..
        there will be a Nautilus
        shell of me without a doubt
        left behind and forward and now
        that says i lived and appreciated this
        gift of heaven with all my life might and i encourage
        you to continue to be obsessed with god as nature
        who and
        as yoUr
        eYes my
        friEnd full
        of HoLy and
        Sacred Meaning
        and purpose in THIS thing
        some folks call NAMASTE
        holy and sacred respect in poetry SonG
        and moving connecting creating DancE
        full of meaning and purpose
        with tears in my eYes
        almost every
        i appreciate
        this gift of life fully with
        others..and ocean nature whole and surely
        i scare many folks with the extent of my love as life..
        nice to hear your are not afraid of life.. my friend..keep up the good life..
        and i will visit you as long as i can find your blog.. as i for one am a friend of ALL..
        i ain’t
        to Dance it and Sing thAT LOUDER..;)

  6. I am a rail fan, and I enjoy railroad. If I am ever in India, I hope to visit that museum. As a writer of railroad articles and railroad photographer, I enjoy thy post. Thank you for the great photos.

    1. Railroad writer and photographer, wow your job must be interesting… You must visit India for sure, we have few of the railroads which are listed under world heritage like Toy Train. You’ll like it here.

  7. Hi, Falak! Thank you for the lovely pictures at the railway museum. Please don’t be mad at yourself if you can’t go to many places. It is expensive to do these kinds of things and it is okay if we can’t always go. It will make it very special when you can get to go to something. I can’t go here, so thank you for showing us!

  8. Better late than never and thanks for sharing. Oh, yes, Ki & Ka. That scene was lovely. Arjun’s character sure had a thing for trains!

  9. I liked your running pose in front of the train and the buffer sandwich between two wagons not to mention the sweet captions for each picture perfected by you in them 🙂

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