Delhi Darshan #Lodi Garden

Lodhi Garden

Winters are perfect to enjoy the sun, so I love visiting parks during this time of the year. This time I planned my short trip to Lodi Garden, the old lady Willingdon park. Lodi Garden is a favorite hotspot for jogging, picnic for the Delhiites. This garden also includes tombs of Muhammad Shah and Sikandar Lodi. In the middle of the park, there is a Bara Gumbad and a mosque too. I love the serenity and calmness over here.


I planned my trip in advance, so I had all the goodies with me this time. For a perfect picnic, what you need is a sheet, fruit bucket, outdoor game and a book. I chose a corner in this dotted garden so that I can have the full view and nobody comes distracting me.

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There’s so much to see here in this garden, but this time I wanted to only sit and have a relaxing time. I hope I’ll check out the rest of the place next time and share it with you. I loved being here & it was one of my favorite picnics. All the time spent here became a good memory. This peaceful park is my favorite escape from now.

lodhi garden

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  1. A picnic is a great idea to relax- anytime and outside! Beautiful photos!
    Thanks for your visit! My son has been in India for a month – part was in the North, close to the Himalayan mountains. Welcome to share your experience on ALL SEASONS! Hope to see you there:)

    press on” Click here” at the end of the post to link up your photo,
    fill in your url, email and press from Web or File -then your photos will show up, and choose one.
    If you have any questions, leave me a comment:)

    1. Hi, what type of photo should I share on the link, of me or the surrounding.? Also, I tried to click the click here link on your very first post but it say’s it’s not opened yet.

  2. Serenity has nothing you, and solace does not mind you, coz you are way too cute and yes… thanks for the advice and recommendation; if ever i tread India i will take note where you went and gone and see what you saw. Thank you.

  3. I am keen to explore more of your beautiful garden through your snaps. You have given a tantalizing teaser of the jewel that is your country. It seems in food you have fairly international taste. I think I spotted some cheese. You have the ability to make a home wherever your feet rest and increase the fantastic nature of your surroundings

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