Delhi Darshan #Garden Of Five Senses


They say it is not just a park. There’s no doubt in my mind, now! After all, it is something more going on here than public interactions and explorations.

The Garden Of Five Senses is a park which was inaugurated as a leisure space to refresh and revive your energies. The park is spread over 20 acres and has many sections including Mughal garden, herb garden, nursery, solar energy park & pool of water lilies.

I kept wondering about the name of this place and I got my answer only after visiting here. You must be aware of the five senses, now let’s feel them here- touch (the rocks and sand), smell (the fragrance of flower), sight (of the beautiful scenery), hear (the soothing sound of waterfalls and ceramic wind chimes) and taste (many cuisines) here.

This place is an epitome of beauty. It has many attractions which make the place different from other gardens. It host’s cultural programs every year like Nature Walk, Yoga Camp, Food festival & Garden Festival. Apart from the Amphitheatre, there’s a food court also where you can have fine dining.

Entrance of Garden of Five Senses
Fio Country Kitchen & Bar
Bell Tree


Unique Sculptures of Children Praying


Elephant Statues
O Bar


I like the place but there’s only one thing which makes me never visit here again is- love birds on every corner. That is why I said above, “it is something more going on here than just public interactions and explorations.”  This isn’t a place where you can come for family interactions & picnics. Share your views below in comment section.

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    1. Well this is one of the places I won’t call very nice because of the Love birds that you can find in every corner here. But yes, it’s definitely a great place for photography.

  1. Isn’t it a pity that couples have to canoodle in public gardens??? I too find it ridiculous that they can’t find other places where children don’t have to ask you ” why are they fighting? ” or ” what are they doing?” Thanks for this post. I definitely won’t go to this place when I visit Delhi next even though it is promoted by the Delhi Tourism board!

    1. Haha, I hope nobody blames me for bad promotion. I just wrote my personal views because I know how it feels to people like us. The place is definitely nice but not for a family trip.

  2. Beautiful gardens and pictures…. Surrounding ourselves in tranquillity is helping all our senses heal… Especially our hearts..
    Many thanks for all your Likes Miss T…. Sending you love and Light..

  3. What a beautiful idea, to develop this lovely park to appeal to the five senses. However, I can see how the visit might be less than perfect with all the other “activities” going on. Yet we can still enjoy the views through the great photos.

    Also: I love your shoes.

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