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High Heels have always held a special place in my shoe racks. I prefer them to wear on my feet most of the time, for the obvious reason; they complete the look of my dress. My shoe shopping never ends throughout the year. One thing you might have noticed in my earlier blog posts, I love wearing black on my feet: Black boots, black sky-high heels, black flip-flops.

Wearing high heels might be uncomfortable to many women. But, it is only the matter of some time. Believe me or not, but I have fallen down so many times on the road, in my college, on the stairs and so many places. If you’ll trust me then after a few days of practice, you’ll be walking like a model on the ramp.

And if you are looking for the perfect shoe styles, you need not worry anymore. I am going to tell you one platform where you can shop your favorite styles from the comfort of your home. StilettoHeels is synchronized with the international fashion, taking super fashion design as well as an attractive price. They spare no effort to make every product special and wonderful for you. Their Vintage Shoe collection is one of my favorites. Do check it out and happy shopping.

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  1. well I just wrote about heels and I am going back into the post to add a link to this post – because some of your points align with my points!
    enjoyed this post.

  2. Oh yes, I do luv shoes. I’ve just recently ordered 4 pairs on-line from a trusted site. They, too, are incredibly inexpensive compared with retail.
    I do love the shoes on both links. I’ll definitely keep them in mind for my next shoe extravaganza… Hahaaa
    Your shoes (in the images) are gorgeous.

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