Dare to go in Dark! Lights Out!


I sat timidly through the latest horror movie Lights Out. It scared the hell out of me and moreover it was very well from Conjuring part 2 which released last month. This time with Director David Sandberg, producer James Wan “Did It”. The movie delivers fearfully and the best scene comes in the very starting when evil Diana tore Sophie’s husband Paul to pieces. In the last part of the movie we came to know that Diana killed Sophie’s first husband too. What a Surprise!

Lights Out Movie is about an evil shadow which lurks in dark only. Diana wasn’t always a supernatural entity but she had an unusual disease in her childhood that made her skin sensitive to light and while experimenting with her, something bad happened to her and she died. Now, Diana is a vengeful ghost who haunts those closer to Sophie.

Sophie’s children Rebecca and Martin experienced this imaginary friend of their mother and were totally frightened. They realized that their lives are in danger, once the lights go out. Apparently, the only connection Diana has in this world is with Sophie’s mind and to kill Diana, Sophie had to kill herself.

Thank God this movie doesn’t involve any haunted house or revengeful spirit. Lights Out Movie starts a new trend of psychological horror films and is best in its genre. With the success of this film, Director David Sandberg has already announced to return with its sequel.

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