Creating 7 Celebrity Red Carpet Look Using Magical Hair Extensions

Achieve great, red carpet celebrity hair looks with extensions without damaging your hair or scalp.

The Good Book says that long hair is a glory unto women.  And, so it is indeed!  But, unfortunately, not all women who desire long hair has it.  But, regardless of the length, hair, be it naturally-owned or artificially attached, when properly dressed and set, looks astonishing on every woman.

Believe it or not, evidence of hair extensions date as far back as 3400 BC with Cleopatra, an ancient Egyptian Queen.  From then till now, there have been numerous designs, modifications, and additions.

What are the Advantages?

  • Choose from a variety of colors and styles
  • Achieve your desired hair length
  • Obtain good hair volume and bounce
  • Add texture and feel to your hair
  • And, of course, look astonishingly beautiful!

Methods of Attaching Hair

There are various methods adding extensions to your hairs.  These are:

  • Tape-in
  • U-Tip/Hot Fusion (or bonded)
  • I-Tip
  • Clip-In
  • Micro Ring or Micro Loop, and
  • Weaving

Regardless of the advantages of adding attachments to your hair and the different methods available for doing so, there are some issues you need to be aware of if you are currently using attachments or considering doing so.

  1. Always engage the services of a professional hair stylist, no matter how easy the process may look to you.
  2. Ensure that the attachment is not too tight.  If you feel uncomfortable after the procedure, complain to your stylist and have it rectified.
  3. Always use good quality attachments.  Yes, they may be a bit more expensive but they last longer, look better, are more manageable and causes less damage to your natural hair and scalp.
  4. Continue to maintain your natural hair.  Do not ignore its treatment and dressing.

If you want to know how to buy the relevant hair extensions products, this page will get some help.

Creating Celebrity Red Carpet Looks using Clip In Hair Extensions

You don’t have to be rich and famous to look and feel like a celebrity.  In as much as you feel good about yourself and you are pleased with your looks, you are a celebrity!  But then, we can learn and borrow a thing or two from these rich and famous celebrities. They emphasize that popular phrase that “looking good, is good business.”

  • Wild Afro Curly Looks

This wild, stunning, huge, curly look worn by Halle berry caused waves.  It was just “Whoa!”  Ensure that the volume of the hair is not disproportionate to your head.  Otherwise, the hair and head might look bloated (sorry!).

  • Hair Color Loreal

JLo’s simple, yet elegant, beautiful brush-back hair into a doughnut at the back brings out your facial attributes into a full glare.  It portrays class with its simplicity.

  • Windblown Waves

Classic, elegant, and fluffy.  That’s what best describes the windblown waves worn by Amber Heard. This hairstyle showcases your facial and neck features allowing you to “work” the hair as you so choose.

  • Long Waves

Selena Gomez loves her long waves.  It gives her hair extra volume, highlights, and soft curls.  The curls can be achieved using the heatless method.

  • Super Long Pony Tail

What’s there to be said about Ariana Grande’s super long, ponytail?  No, it is certainly not her natural hair.  Ponytails can be sleek, messy or romantic style and are best achieved using hair clip extensions.

  • Pixie Cut-Style/Curls

So now you know.  She uses them too!  Beyoncé has displayed a wide variety of hairstyles most of which are achieved using hair clip in types.

  • Braids/Weaving

Braid and weaving are never out of vogue.  The beautiful long braided hair work by Faux Hawk confirms that.  While the origin of braids is most associated with the African continent, the style has become universal, enjoyed by people of all races, ethnic background and culture.

Before we move on to conclude, it is also important to know the difference between: Real human hair extensions vs Synthetic to make the right choice!

Human hair extensions are exactly what they sound like. They are made from real human hairs from top to bottom, collected from the hair donors. Remy’s hair means the outer layer of the hair that is cuticles are intact during the time of collection. This allows smooth and tangles free extensions throughout the lifetime.

Synthetic extensions are made from various blends of fibers. These fibers are very fine quality, usually plastic and manufactured to imitate the human hairs. These are cheaper than the real hairs.

It is recommended that you should always opt for virgin human hair as they can be treated and styled like your own hairs. They also easily blend with your natural hair giving it a more realistic look. With virgin hair extensions, there is no limit to the design and styles and features that can be achieved.  Clip in types makes the exercise relatively easy to achieve and in a shorter time, without damaging your natural hair or scalp.

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