Cheers to our Independence!

independence day

We always knew they’d be back!

Director Roland Emmerich saved our planet once again from alien invasion in his new science fiction-action movie Independence Day Resurgence. Two decades ago, Independence day, the first movie of this sequel gained popularity around the world. Now with this second movie of the series, Director Roland has added more thrill and fiction for the viewers.

Two decades after the victory against aliens, humans have developed an immense space defense program in hope that aliens might come back but this time, they came with more powers. And which of course we did not expect.  This movie is visually impressive and includes a lot of original cast from the first sequel. Moreover, the next generation stars overshadowed the absence of Will Smith who played the main character in the first sequel and was missing from the movie.

The visual effects were amazing and picturization of World’s tallest structure Burj Khalifa crashing on London Eye was really eerie. At the end of the movie, the question of saving people from further alien invasion arise once again. Will they return again?

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  1. I couldn’t get on with this film, the visuals were much at the forefront that the action almost seemed dull and the characters lacked charisma. I could go on and sound all bitter but I was gutted it didn’t retain the fun of the original.

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