Annabelle Doll: That Won’t Let You Sleep


I couldn’t sleep the whole night before I had to go watch Annabelle Creation. No, it’s not like that I am timid or faint-hearted, but I like the spooky feeling. I enjoy looking at the movie from the gap between my fingers, hiding my face. Annabelle Creation is a supernatural horror […]

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

pirates of the caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales also known as Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge is the fifth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. The latest series, titled Salazar’s revenge features Javier Bardem as Armando Salazar, a cursed admiral who was outwitted into a devil’s trap by […]

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A day at Taj Mahal Hotel

Misstalkaholic taj mahal hotel

I love traveling so much that whenever I am stuck in my city, I hang out at few of my favorite places again & again. Taj Mahal Hotel is close to my house, so it has to be one of my most-visited places. Taj Hotels & Resorts are renowned for delivering a […]

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Friday, The 13th

Misstalkaholic friday the 13th

Today is Friday, the 13th- the most unlucky day of the year. The date reminded me of a movie called Friday, the 13th. Soon, I googled it and got to read few interesting points about this day. Do you know that Friday, the 13th is considered an unlucky day according to […]

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What comes to your mind when you think of Pink? Pink resembles Love, Romance, Charm, Sweetness, Compassion & Femininity. Within few years of brutal incidents happening towards women all over the world, Pink became the new symbol of Feminism. In a country like India where women are considered a deity, […]

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Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe Movie which released pretty late in India is full of Suspense, Thrill, and Mystery of course. The movie is categorized under Horror/Thriller genre but it lacks horror approach. While watching its trailer on YouTube, I sensed it is more of suspense and not horror. And I have always […]

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Dare to go in Dark! Lights Out!

I sat timidly through the latest horror movie Lights Out. It scared the hell out of me and moreover it was very well from Conjuring part 2 which released last month. This time with Director David Sandberg, producer James Wan “Did It”. The movie delivers fearfully and the best scene […]

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Cheers to our Independence!

independence day

We always knew they’d be back! Director Roland Emmerich saved our planet once again from alien invasion in his new science fiction-action movie- Independence Day Resurgence. Two decades ago, Independence day, the first movie of this sequel gained popularity around the world. Now with this second movie of the series, […]

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