Query Regarding WordPress #1

I get many queries from fellow bloggers who are confused and troubled just like I used to be a month ago. I answered them personally but realized there are many people with same questions, so I have come up with the idea to blog queries. Question: Hi Falak, As you […]

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What to do on Valentines Day

Valentine week is here. It is the week of love, gifts, surprises and the day of the proposal. Everybody longs to hear a “yes” on valentine’s day, for which we plan a lot but till the last, we feel like we are missing out on something. It happens with most […]

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Are you single on Valentine?

are you single on valentine

Listening to the Valentine hype at this time of the year can be irritating for some. If you are single, then this day might be the most controversial day of the year for you. But, you can be happy being single even if it’s valentine’s day. Who cares? Remember we […]

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2016 Buh-Bye

MIsstalkaholic New Year

2016 has been a very normal year for me. I achieved no milestones, did not reach my emotional peak, saw no injuries & did not lose anyone. In fact, it was the most “not-so-usual” year that I had this time. 2016 was a beautiful year for me because I learned […]

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Christmas 2016


Christmas emerged over two millennium into a modern cultural & spiritual celebration. Christmas is a big celebration in India. Though we Indians do not celebrate it culturally but we love the vibes of this festive season. It is the time for family get-together & sharing meals. Christmas celebration gives us […]

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New Website, Old Journey!

To The Ladies & Gentleman, For the new year, I decided to give myself a gift. On the occasion of Christmas, I am delighted to present to you my new website Misstalkaholic The past few days were tiresome. From so long, I have been planning my website. I first thought about upgrading […]

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How “TalkaholicMe” started?

TalkaholicMe blog was in the womb for years. It came into existence accidentally. To be honest, TalkaholicMe was a surrogate child, which means it took birth for a different purpose and to fulfill the needs of another human being. Also, to be a puppet of someone else. Later in my life, […]

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“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life – Berthold Auerbach.” Nobody needs to say anything when it comes to finding solace via music. Music and Solace are like body and its soul. Music has neither language nor any boundary. It soothes our soul, nurtures our thoughts […]

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Cons of a Growing blog

Last night, I surpassed 1337 followers. I am happy with the progress of my blog but also I am going through some challenges. Many people have asked me to write about the secret of my blog growth but I’ll start first with the Cons of a Growing Blog- The attitude of the […]

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