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Your skin deserves a routine as unique as you are. If you have sensitive skin, you must stay away from products loaded with harsh chemicals. Deyga products are handpicked and every product is responsibly crafted for the best results.

Summer brings many new skincare challenges that require you to switch up your routine and put a fresh face towards summer. If you’re someone who manages to keep their skin clear all winter but feels troubled in warm weather with tan skin and blackheads, then you must apply this Charcoal face mask by Deyga. Face masks have always been a valuable part of a skincare regime, a charcoal detox face mask saves you forever.

A lip scrub helps you buff away dry skin to restore the smoothness and softness of your lips. It is a must-have product on your shelf if you love having soft, smooth lips. The sweet and tangy mint present in Deyga’s scrub helps to reverse pigmentation & the moisturizing effect of Avocado oil helps restore chapped lips. It will not only heal your chapped lips but leave them smooth and soften too.

Deyga rejuvenating massage oil contains almond, avocado, sunflower seed, olive, grape seed, pomegranate seed, lavender essential oil. Some massage oils can make your skin feel greasy while others go rancid quickly and take on an unpleasant smell but this massage oil allows your hands to glide over the skin without friction and it smells good too. You will love the oil for sure.

Good skincare for the under-eye is essential. By using a right under eye cream, you can get rid of bags under the eyes, dark rings, and saggy skin. I am trying this product for 2 weeks and I can see the results already on my face. For better results, first, wash your face then apply a little amount of under-eye cream with your ring finger around the eyes, and then give it a little massage. Do it regularly for faster results.



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