Blue Is In Fashion This Monsoon!

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Hey There! Happy Monsoon!abrati fashions abrati fashions abrati fashions abrati fashions abrati fashions abrati fashions abratiYesterday I went to Unitech Cyber Park for a meeting and I was really confused about my outfit. It has rained for two days in Delhi and weather was romantic too. Meetings are usually boring! But there’s no harm in keeping them engaging. So, I decided to go blue for the blue season. For the look, I paired my Denim Jeans with Abrati alphabet crop top and black pencil heels. I kept the look quite simple with no heavy accessories except the wristwatch, a pair of sunglasses & two gold rings. For few, my clothes must be little different but I got my voice heard in it.

The meeting went well & I saved a little time over there to get myself clicked. The bright blue crop top I wore for the meeting made me look cool and comfortable at the same time. The moment I wore the top, I fell in love with the design and fabric of it. It started raining on our way to home and now I had all the possible reasons to get soaked to the skin.

Would you like to take my challenge and look refreshing in a boring meeting? Let me know in the comments below. Have a rainy monsoon!

*In collaboration with ABRATI

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  1. Hi, Falak! Love the electric blue, top and glasses (very cool)! My other phone could barely ever bring up your website, but my new phone loaded it right up! Yay!

  2. What I do not understand is why the youngsters go in for tattered jeans. Of course, I am not supposed to make any comment about the sartorial taste of people who are less than half my age.

  3. May a monsoon of happiness continually descend upon your life. I love your willingness to try just about anything in fashion. I think you look gorgeous in bright colorful outfits with complex make your eyes look twice designs. Im glad you had a successful meeting. May God cause all your meetings to be sparkly n diamond like in their delightfulness with absolutely no room whatsoever for drudgery or quibbles

  4. Happy Rainy Monsoon to you too. Love your outfit especially the top. At this time I have no meetingsto go to but like cool, breathable clothes. Glad your meeting went well.

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