Blog Anniversary & Journey To MissTalkaholic!


Today is the day I entered the world of WordPress. One year back, I was clueless, unsure and indeterminate. I am not much talkaholic with people around but my hands are fond of talking. So, I chose my blog name TalkaholicMe. TalkaholicMe came into existence accidentally and now it’s known as MissTalkaholic. I have already spoken about the birth of my blog earlier.

Today, I am celebrating my anniversary with WordPress. It’s been a year and I have been walking on the right track. Last year on the same day, I hadn’t expected to celebrate this anniversary event at all. When I made my free blog with WordPress, I didn’t know the benefits of it. Many good people have helped me to show the right path. Few boosted my energy and many tried to suppress me.

Being 6 months old in blogging world, I decided to self-host my site and got it done very quickly. I changed my blog name from TalkaholicMe to MissTalkaholic. I shared my journey with you all. Since then, the path isn’t smooth as it was. Expectations increased and morale decreased.

I lost the zeal to promote my blog like I used to do in the starting days. I hardly give time to read what I and others write. It’s all about time, I guess! I hope to get the concentration and patience back. On this auspicious occasion, I would like to thank all my amazing followers for making this journey amazing and wonderful till now. Cheers To Many More Years To Come!

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  1. Thanks for the love beautiful heart. Sorry for those who doubt and discourage you. Obviously they are just jealous of your potential for glittering diamond princess like success. I admire you for not letting haters and well meaning but bad acting fear mongers prevent you from living out your dreams. Praise the Lord for clocking up a year. I am sure i speak for all readers when I say we eagerly anticipate with baited breath every visually stunning and inspiration fuelling move you make in the blogoverse <3

  2. Congratulations! Keep going…and no comments don’t necessarily mean no one’s reading. I stalk a lot of blogs, though I don’t have time to comment on each of those 😀

  3. Hey!
    Congrats on your anniversary, I am so happy for you and all that has come from your blog, you are a great blogger and I look up to your blog for many reasons and one being that you are able to capture a large audience no matter what you post. What made you decide to self host vs using wordpress? do you feel like it helped or do you think it hindered you? I have given thought to self hosting as well but I have heard horror stories from it and don’t want to take the dive quite yet, lol. I wish you much more success with your blog. Also, I feel as though time is everything when it comes to blogging, time to read other bloggers, time to post daily, time to promote the blog, time to edit the blog, etc, it is a lot to do in one day and most days I feel like it becomes a full days worth of work and that is okay but for someone who is very busy, it can be hard. I have heard of bloggers losing motivation because it becomes routine and people get bored or find other hobbies or grow out of it but I know you will stick with it! I have my days where I run from having to blog because I know it will take me some time just before I publish it, but in the end it is always worth it.


  4. Congratulations on this fantastic achievement. I really enjoy reading your blog, as you have a very wide range of topics on it. That’s what makes it so awesome 😀Hopefully you will continue with it for many more years to come 😊

  5. First of all congratulations. Wish you much more success ahead. And as far as reading others’ blog is concerned most of us are on same page, time matters🙂. Looking forward for more fashion updates.

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