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Birthday comes every year but it comes once in a year. No matter how old you get, you never lose the zeal and enthusiasm in you. Every year, I think of new ways to celebrate my birthday. But with every passing year, more or less of the things do change.

I remember when I was in school, we used to bring a packet of chocolates and cookies to share it with the class. That feeling of sharing was heart-warming. When I entered in my college, I celebrated my 18th birthday with few of my school and college buddies in a forest. Next year, there were no more school friends with me on my birthday. In the last year of my college, there were only a few close friends on my birthday. To my surprise, I never felt strange or sad about it.

My priorities changed every year, so does my friends. Only 1 or 2 people whom I called best friends forever could stay with me. Then, I found my better-half and since then, my Birthday Celebration turned into a very private affair. The feeling of sharing which I felt back in my school has vanished completely. I do not buy a packet of chocolates or cookies anymore. I do not declare publicly a month ago that my birthday is coming. I do not send invitations neither do I plan anymore. Sadly, I do not wait to see anymore who wishes me at 12 O’ Clock sharp & who doesn’t.

Does time has changed or is it I? The answer is complicated. Today is my birthday so I thought deeply about it. At last, I asked myself a question, Do clocks go back ever? Below are my few photographs celebrating the day:

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  1. belated happy burfday. my best was 26… great bday and great year. the rest, for the most part, turned out to be the worst day of my life (fatal computer crashes, best friendships ended, etc) so I rarely acknowledge the day. I stopped at 33 then tried again for 40 but the “worst day of my life” recurred so i stopped again. I still acknowledge getting older – I just don’t let anyone know when it happens.

    1. Aw, you had a lot in your life. May your upcoming birthdays be full of zeal, surprises (good ones), great time, health, and a lot of stuff. Thank you for wishing me, even it it’s late, that doesn’t matter. I feel great.

  2. Arrive late to the celebration but for sure it was your best event since they treated you like a queen. Well deserved that you had it because despite your youth, you prove to be a very professional person in three acts. May the future bring more success and continue to enjoy life. Congratulations always.

  3. Belated happy birthday. You seem to have had a great start with a great was it breakfast tray? You are right about celebrations changing each year. Next year , me and most of my friends will turn 60 and we’re already thinking of how to celebrate without exchanging gifts we don’t need or want, sharing calories that we can’t really afford and having fun without getting exhausted……

  4. It’s so true with time things change and the midnight calls become a rarity, except a few of them who call. I have lost count. I do not share on social media as well since it gets tiring and I prefer to make it a low key affair to share the bonding with very close friends. Belated Happy wala budday:)

  5. Many happy returns of the day, as the English say.
    My father’s birthday was on the 20th, my sister’s on the 22nd.
    You are right in-between.
    “Joyeux anniversaire”.
    (How would one say that in Hindi?)

      1. Aries are reputed to be strong-willed. 🙂
        Mubarak comes from Arabic/Urdu? I think it means happy or blessed. So saalgirah would be birthday? I learned something new, shukriya. 😉

  6. So true. Very nicely written:). Birthdays are special and should be celebrated with loved ones. but time changes and so does our considerations.
    Anyways wish you a very happy birthday Falak. Stay blessed and may all your wishes come true🙂

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