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For any woman, creating her style statement is a must-have attitude. Attitude, what do you think of it? Is it showing off your money, beauty, talent or is it something that we don’t recognize? Attitude comes from your inner personality. It shows what your branded makeup cannot show. Attitude is the way to carry yourself even if you are wearing nothing.

In my earlier post Look zara hatt ke in Party I wrote about Accessory tips. Accessory adds charm to your attire and personality. By choosing right accessory with your dress, you can create your own fashion statement & today I am going to tell you how to be fashionable:

  • Flower Headband- don’t wear them on street or casually. Flower Headbands are colorful and comes in many styles and shapes.


  • Multi chain necklace- gives you a perfect party look.


  • Fringe statement necklace- goes perfectly with V-neck blouses and dresses.


  • Colorful choker- I love choker necklaces very much & I have many colors in them.


  • Stone choker- this one’s my favorite undoubtedly.


  • Choker- choker necklaces are trending hard. You can find different styles of choker in the market. The best thing about choker is that you can wear them as you want.


  • Statement neckpiece- you can wear statement necklace with dress or casual.


So girls, now that you know by wearing right accessory with your dress, you can look fabulous and be in the limelight always. I hope you liked the post. Keep coming back for more.

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  1. Go girl: you’re on the right track with attitude. One of my favorite quotes: “walk like you have 3 men walking behind you.” Confidence is everything. Shine girl, shine!

  2. perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. love the green. the choice of geniuses. totally agree that make up and money is completely unnecessary to look glamorous and stylish. as long as you have a laundry and a bath you can look clean and create a one of a kind impact

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