At Times


There was a time I wanted to go away from you,

Like baby robins leave their nest after growing half,

We were birds of a feather and were true love,

You loved me over head and ears and I left you alone,

I drew back from our promise bag,

At times I wish I could change the fact and come to you as one loving lad.!

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  1. Hi Miss T,

    Thanks for liking my blog comments and for dropping by.
    Being originally from England and being somewhat ‘Old School’ regarding grammar in writing i found the poem, although short and sweet, somewhat confusing on 4 grounds which somewhat distracted from my enjoyment of it.

    Point 1. Birds of a feeder?? Is this you being quirkily original or unintentionally Miss Mondegreen (you may need to google that one?) The phrase i have always known is: Birds of a feather! (as in: flock together).

    Point 2.You loved me over head and ears?? Same question. The Phrase i know is: loved me head over heels.

    Point 3. I leaned in my lurch? I know what each word means but i’m not familiar with the overall concept in that form, maybe you can explain it a little?

    Point 4. One loving lad? did you miss the letter y from lady? Or is the poem written in the First Person meant to be from a male’s perspective and not your own?

    If i was being hyper-picky i could mention that for Baby Robins to be in capitals legitimately it would have to be the name of a person or a company but in the era of SMS and Twitter where grammar has no rules anymore i guess i won’t mention that 😉

    Nice Blog though. 🙂


    P.S. I got a DNS error the first time i hit post so my apologies if you get 2 copies of this 😕

    1. 1. Oh, I wrote Feeder instead of Feather when my Teacher was reciting idioms in class. I wrote that by mistake in class so never thought to check it out on google. I wonder why nobody else noticed it before you.
      2. Yes, I know that’s an idiom too. Over Head & Ears means either in debt or in love completely. I just googled it again.
      3. You can refer my 1st point again. It seems I was in too hurry to write and leave.
      4. Here you got me, I wrote this poem from a male’s perspective. Do you think I should mention that somewhere?

      P.S. I wish I had met you before.

      1. Thank you for making things much clearer for me ( and hopefully for others too? 🙂 ) and you are quite welcome. Maybe others noticed but were too polite to mention it? 🙂 as for mentioning the assumed male perspective? Well, you just did! but unless you get an avalanche of requests i personally would leave some mystery to the poem. 😉

        as for your P.S. we have met now so lets not be strangers….. i wrote a poem once somewhere over on my blog i’ll try to hunt it down and repost it so you can comment in kind.


          1. Haha.. it’s a shorthand for Rolling on the floor laughing.. Like Lol- laugh out louder and Lmao (that you can google) .. Though we don’t really roll on the floor..

          2. thanks for explaining and keep in mind that when you (if ever) become aflame, drop and Rof but no laughing please, for if rescuers are present they might laugh too. LOL, no wishing you to ever catch fire, except of course, perhaps (for it is so perturbing “Aflame in love”

          3. Look at you, terrified, huh (chuckling). Poor thing. Just kidding, got you good it appears. Wow. Okay, you are forgiven. Just joshing. I put this on face book once and got a decent response Lmao (love MAO, my initials). I did so because lmao was a little vulgar (not a lot, just a tiny bit). Well….
            Oh yes am at the moment working on the post that sad poem you wrote inspired (as promised) “Sometimes”. It is called “Regret Engenders”. Okay don’t feel threatened by it in any way, be kind and understanding, it is meant to provoke thought, since it covers stuff we perpetuate, upon which perpetuation effects we sleep on.
            Ciao for naoww

          4. Haha.. I believe Lmao must be your personal joke by Now.. and yes I dont use it publicly because its actually little bit vulgar.. and wow m so excited to read your new project.. wish you luck

          5. Look here….
            The world understands the Indian mind to be capable of a profound deepness, so get this; That in just now saying this above you are estimating your worth by covering up by saying that you don’t estimate your worth.
            This is a paradox and a duality.
            Sorry. Forgive me. Friends????

          6. It might be true or not at the same time.. But this isn’t duality.. I am still stepping my foot carefully and haven’t reached the edge so don’t wanna live in any dreamland. Because My Friend life Is very cruel and dual.

          7. Okay, for now I will permit your conscience to work with you. Find, all is well, yet still you’re correcting your presentation. Ah what can I say (Lol)

          8. I will apply to be accepted by India as an Indian National, and after that I will fill out appropriate forms to be titled a Guru

  2. What are you up to……
    (Unfair, I know)
    You write all these things, seeming to point in the direction of “hurt”, but yet you also appear when queried to look for props as a artist; in essence, kind of like; “Hey, I ‘m a creative artist.” These things could just be works of art, no real story behind them.
    Well, I’m just playing at bothering. I don’t require any answers.
    ‘Sall good.
    I will return yet again.
    Good work, keep it up. You are greatly appreciated.
    I will follow your adventures and still have to write that last piece you “Mused” out of me. Ma Salama

    1. I have seen a lot of things in my this little life mickey.. Yes all are not bad memories.. I try to put little bit of my real life experience in all my writeups but in creative manner that none feelings should be offenced.. And in the end YES I am a creative writer. . Well, I am planning one thing that I should write a note in my posts that it’s a fictional piece (so don’t take me granted and dont feel pity on my.. haha).. what do u say?

      1. May be that I shouldn’t say (ha). But oh, yes let us remain friends (ha). No just teasing. I’m glad for ye, happy that you are so inventive, productive and impish. Have your self a merry little Christmas……(lol)

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