Are you single on Valentine?

are you single on valentine

Listening to the Valentine hype at this time of the year can be irritating for some. If you are single, then this day might be the most controversial day of the year for you.

But, you can be happy being single even if it’s valentine’s day. Who cares? Remember we have to see every phase of life- singlehood, courtship & getting hitched. So, make the most out of each phase of life. In today’s blog post, I am going to tell you how you can enjoy single Valentine’s Day-

  • Be your own Valentine- do something that you have dreamed about for a long time or buy yourself a present.
  • Enjoy singlehood- you are not alone in this world, so make a call to your single friends and plan a get-together.
  • Forget it’s Valentine- ignore the media hype & think about how much money you have saved this valentine. Hurray!
  • Share your photos– don’t be scared to check your Facebook & Instagram feeds on this day, show your friends & circle why you are happily single.
  • Know the truth- find out why you are single in your life. Are you the one who can’t show love or do you fear the idea of sharing your life with someone else?
  • Start finding- if you do not wish to stay single for next Valentine again, start finding your partner from now.

If you have any ideas or tips for our readers, do share with us in the comment section below. Enjoy your singlehood!

Are you clueless what to do on Valentine’s Day, read below-                                                                       what to do on valentine's day

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  1. Well cheers to being single!:-)
    I really liked the last point in this post.Knowing the truth why we are single will never make us feel alone.I have dated many guys but I am still single because I don’t like the tag of relationship and also fear sharing my life with anyone else.So yes cheers!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think it boils down to how much you value external validation. In the office of a big company I worked for many years back, overseas, I saw a similar thing every day. From about 11 am onwards people started prospecting for and making alliances for lunch that day so that they were not seen to be eating alone (and classified as a loser perhaps).

  3. Bonjour ou bonsoir avec du retard belle jeune fille bonne saint VALENTIN
    Je t’emmène du bonheur
    il est à côté de toi
    Surtout ne bouge pas
    Tiens ! il s’est glissé dans ton sourire
    Oh ! Le voilà dans ta belle demeure
    Pour embellir ta journée de joie et que ta soirée te soit de tout repos
    Pour toi je me dis que c’est la meilleure raison
    Alors partageons ensemble ce bonheur avec tous ceux que l’on aime et que l’on apprécie
    Regarde il brille soit comme le soleil au lever du jour ou une étoile dans la nuit
    Que Ce Bonheur restent l’histoire d’un beau jour
    Je te souhaite
    Une très belle journée ou une belle soirée

    Bisous Bernard Ton Ami


  4. Oh, I remember the years that I didn’t have a Valentine on V Day. I wore black on Valentine’s Day. Glad those days are over (we’ve been married 18 years). However, it is much better to be happily single than to marry the wrong guy and regret it for the rest of your life. Marriage can be wonderful, but some are awful. It’s hard to be patient, but (take it from me) it’s better than being unhappy.

  5. Honest, I did not know loneliness until I hooked up with someone. Weird huh?
    But it is logical. Lots of things in life function by this rule. You don’t miss being single until you are in a relationship (eventually it comes to this. Counterparts, contrasts, opposites.)
    I’m not attempting to put down relationships. Just pointing out the human frailty, susceptibility, it comes with the territory, being human. Truly I am not disturbed by the upcomingness (?) of Valentine’s Day. But bear in mind, I am old. Wise, etc…..

  6. The Law of Attraction tells us what we do to ourselves we attract. What do you love to do to yourself on Valentine’s Day? Find a creative idea and create it for yourself. When we do this everyday we start attracting other like-minded people. For example I never saw myself going to a restaurant all by myself. Sitting there alone at the table. I brought my journal with me and work on some writing. This helped me to stay focus on a task instead of the negative thinking I’m sitting here alone. I let go of fear from the negative self-talk and took action in something creative. Hope this help. Enjoy the month of February!

  7. I’m a married woman who doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We don’t need a designated day to celebrate our love. We try to do that whenever we can, on any given day. That’s something we can all do with the people we love. ( :

  8. We want what we don’t have. We need to learn gratitude. God has blessed us with so much. There are great things about being single and great things about being married (and bad things about each one). Happy Valentine’s Day whether you are single or married.

  9. For the past 8 years I have celebrated the “single-woman” phase happily…it has not brought me a mate. This year I am going to Black-out my social media, denounce this day as love day, eat my bowl of ice cream and catch up on Vikings and watch The Walking Dead Marathon! #hearthappy #lifeislove

  10. Timely post I guess 🙂 Sheffield here is all set to paint itself red. Might pick a nice horror anime and hit a marathon over the series. Guess when folks can find ways to keep their minds occupied, one doesn’t have to stay bummed.

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