You are Leaving but our Love is Blooming,

You left me Untouched and I couldn’t give you a single Hug,

I know this farness is for our Best and you will be mine for the Rest,

I will show you no Tear but will wait until my last breath, O Dear! Adieu!

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  1. Reblogged this on femidadaadedina and commented:

    It is in the nature of love to take a walk sometimes, however, it does not mean it won’t cross your house’s threshold. Love will surely come back again though maybe not in the garb of the one who went. It’s all part of living and life.

  2. It’s always so easy and touching when you write from experience and express your very emotions as you feel them..

    Enjoyed it… So sorry you have to go through this pain.. But they say it’s the kind of hurt there is.. So smile because it happened..

    1. thank you nita for your meaningful comment. . I feel pain as well as bliss because differences makes us know someone’s worth and value in our life. So yes they should be there sometimes

          1. It’s always something good to leave your loved ones to know the value of relationship☺it will help you to go deeper in relationship chillax and plan something really good on his arrival.wishes☺

    1. *Bikti hai na khushi kahin, na kahin gham bikta hai….
      Log galat fehmi me hai k shayad kahin marham bikta hai…
      Insan khwahishon se bandha hua ek ziddi parinda hai….
      Ummidon se hi ghayal hai or Ummidon par hi zinda hai……

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