A Week Without You

I spent a week without you,

You spent a week without me,

We spent a week without us,

Waiting to see who text whom first,

Nights went dark and days go bust,

For it is high time and our meeting is must,

Time has stopped its flies,

Making me realize that true love never says goodbye….

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  1. Minutes go by and hours turn cold. And in no time, we get be strangers once more. The cold irony of life. Always do meet as strangers and eventually grow old to get there again

      1. Tired of hope and still hope never tires from keep me going.. Strange symbiotic relationship that keeps destroying as it continues to keep building character. It ain’t never good bye, till the last ounce of memory that one stores cherished vanishes. Tough luck beating that. It’s a resilient little bugger 🙂

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