A Visit To National Zoological Park

Last Weekend I visited National Zoological Park of India (also known as Delhi Zoo). It is situated near the Old Fort in Delhi and is crowded in winters. The Zoo is spread under 176-acre and is home to about 1350 animals and birds (the data may differ). You can roam here on foot or by the battery-operated vehicle which can be rented at the premises of Zoo, but I prefer by foot only as you will get to see all the corners around.

Upon arrival at NZP, I started in walking around the lake area which consists of domestic ducks and their species.

Duck family also includes Swans and geese

dsc07385After crossing the lake area, you will get to see Deer. It may surprise you that the world has around 60 different subspecies of Deer. Well, I had to put pressure on it because you will be amazed to see their lot of species and subspecies in this Zoo like Deer Brow, Swamp Deer, Hog Deer, Sambar Deer, Barking Deer (also known as Kakar), Sikka Deer, Spotted Deer. Here you can have a look at few-dsc09156dsc07412dsc07407dsc07383

Then, I got to see this amazing creature known as Hoolock Gibbon. Hoolock Gibbon is a primate from the Gibbon family, Hylobatidae. These are native to eastern Bangladesh, Northeast India, and Southwest China. I found them very beautiful.

Hoolock Gibbon (only Ape found in the Indian subcontinent)
Look at his style!

Then, comes the Big Cats

He just made my Day!

I feel sad to make you know that in the year 2014, a 200Kg White Tiger killed a mentally unstable man who fell into his enclosure accidentally. After silently watching man for 15 minutes, the tiger attacked him on the neck and is said to have chewed some parts of his head. This news went viral and created a lot of sensation then.

Leopard (scientific name- Panthera Pardus)
Look at him Yawning!

You can find these Amazing Species here too-



A sweet bond!
Take a dip!
Ugh, they were not real!
What if I tell you this African Elephant was dancing …

Now, presenting few interesting facts for you-dsc07499dsc09090dsc09244

It takes few hours to roam around the premises, So I would better recommend you to go during the morning hours. At the end of the day I had an amazing time there and now I love animals.

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  1. Ah…I am active on wordpress you see…just that I only comment on stuff I really like, and I avoid people who are trawling my blog for a ‘follow’ in return for their ‘follow’… you know the story… then you never see them again. I only want people to follow my site if they’re going to enjoy the stuff I post. That’s why I do it! In return I get to see some beautiful sites like yours, here. Flattery totally intended. In truth I don’t give a hoot about numbers! 🙂

  2. Wow…beautiful… you have so many followers and comments took me ages to find my way down here!!! You liked some of my post (and before) so reminded me to revisit your site…. I love these pictures and the white tiger … oh my!!! thanks, tony

    1. Thank you tony.. you too can achieve ample amout of comments and followers.. all you need to do is be active.. And that white tiger is a beauty but have I told you, he ate a man.. 😬😉

          1. Oh good
            Bt zoo of jaipur is shorter than delhi zoo.i too saw delhi zoo when i was kid.now i will see Delhi’s zoo tommorow coz i m going to Delhi.

          1. Theories… yup many made guesses.. somebody said that the man was unstable whereas someone claimed he was drunk.. few made the tiger hero, few made him villain.. let’s not get into that.. that’s long gone

      1. Ya, I remember it very well and your post just blew the dust that had covered the news. As per me, the concept of zoo should no longer continue…
        Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are better ideas…

          1. I think … in this time & age … they should make a virtual zoo! Type 3 or even 4 D ? We humans are so egoistic … we are pushind and pushing the animals out of their natural habitat! … As if we were the only beings on this planet, have you seen the film from Keanu Reeves ? https://youtu.be/t88LH84m3pg

          2. Oh the trailer stands outstanding.. I am surprised how I missed it. .. But on your virtual zoo idea,I believe animals are taken full care of even in zoo.. And now we have a Lot of sanctuaries where many endangered wildlife animals are kept in their natural habitat.. The problem rises with increasing population and its demand..

          3. Im pleased … in zoos … its the least we could do … we are the ones taking them from their freedom … not the outher way around, try immagining it the outher way around … put yourself in their shoes, planet of the apes? The latest one? … Sorry but I cannot find peace / nor a good reason to keep them closed in an area smaller as plenty a garden. Thanks for the exchange in opinions! I found it very … nice?

          4. Planet of the apes, Two brothers by jean-Jacques annaud, king kong and a lot more movies are my favourite. . And yes we just can’t imagine ourself on their place even though we are Homo-sapiens

      1. Deer have large population… That’s why you see them ….. Visit sometime end of November or early December… You will find lot of migratory birds…. I visit every year for photography…. 😃😃😃

        1. In National Zoological Park, they do have zebra and rhino.. And it had a giraffe pair too but they died last year only.. In India, every state has its own Zoo and many of them are part of conservation breeding programs.. so they exchange animals throughout the cities just like Old Barter system..

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