A Secret Wish

misstalkaholic a secret wish
My life has been a roller-coaster ride, since ever. I don’t know how but I got to experience the utmost circumstances in my very young age. I am a settled woman today, not married, but looking for. I am a smart, gorgeous, independent & a happy woman. I have the love of my life. What else do you think I may need?
Maybe I lack one thing. A thing which still makes me feel half-done. Today, I do not need anything more from god but a wish. A Secret Wish! A wish that no one in this world knows! Not even him!
I was 16 when I met him. It’s been 10 years and I never said anything to anyone. No, I wasn’t into a relationship & definitely, it’s not about a broken heart. I never hugged, never kissed, never exchanged those magical words with him. We were adolescent when we met. I went to stay with my aunt to another city, where he used to live too. I spent a month over there, it is the memories of that one month which still haunts me. I haven’t forgotten anything in these years and never spoke about them. I will remember a few conversations that we had, throughout my life…

She: You know I am here for a month only and that I will never come back.

He: I do not ask for anything from you. I know, you have another life after here.

She: I will remember every day spent with you. You will stay in good memories.

He: You will remain in my heart forever.

She: Haha, you & your silly love. You will get over this very soon. You’ll get another girl, don’t worry.

He: Yeah, let’s see.

After 5 years

She: Finally we met again. I could not forget you, even though I tried a lot. Do you have a girlfriend?

He: I never met anyone else like you. I just cannot love someone else.

She: I have a boyfriend. You must know that.

He: I know. And I never asked for anything from you.

After 8 years

He: How’s ya life? I see you are very happy out there.

She: I have to. I have got everything in my life. I have a cool boyfriend & will get married to him. What about you?

He: I have the memories of my love. I do not need anything else. I am happy the way I am.

She: You are stupid. You couldn’t move on. Can’t you see that we are not meant for each other. We are opposite of each other & I can’t leave my life or career for you. You will have to move on.

He: When I never forced you to love me, you can’t force me to forget you. I know we are not made for each other because you are rich and I am not. Because you live in a metro city and I don’t. Because you deserve more than I have ever got. But I cannot stop loving you. It’s just not in my hands. So I’ll never ask you to leave anything behind for me.

Silence Prevailed For 10 Years But Today I will Speak The Truth
I know we aren’t made for each other but I cannot forget you too. It’s been 10 years and throughout my life, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I loved you but never told you. I dreamed of you but never showed you. I am sorry for hurting you but I was afraid to show my love for you, I was afraid of my family, I was afraid of living a different life with you.
Perhaps, we are destined to be with each other, but not in this world. We met in the wrong world. Maybe, if there’s another world after death, I’ll be there with you forever. It will remain my secret wish!

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  1. In the movie, Titanic, the old woman relates her story as a person who is still deeply in love. Her man died long ago and though she continued her life, her love for him remained fresh and beautiful. We have a short life on earth but an eternity in heaven. When she leaves this earth I want my loved one to knock on heaven’s door and ask for me. I promised her when we meet again we will dance across the heavens for an eternity. She’s that special!

  2. That’s a beautiful wish and the man you mentioned has a beautiful soul which is loyal and kind. And most of all it is of giving nature.
    You have a big heart and thinking and loving someone who’s not present in your everyday life is beautiful in itself.
    I don’t know but it is heart warming yet a relation which definitely needs nurturing.😊

  3. I don’t believe in this kind of love any more. Either we make a way for our relationship or the experience is not really love. It is easy to glorify something temporary and in the past. “She” never has PMS. “He” never forgets to take out the garbage. Love enables us to face the real challenges life throws at us.

  4. There are certain relationships that stay forever with us. Love is complex. It makes me remember my break which happened 8 years back when she had an arranged marriage. It took me a long time to get out of it. Your post is a sweet conversation. Keep the faith:)

  5. All lovers think alike if u meet ur beloved in real love only for a minute and he feels the same for u then that’s like a sacred thing but I wish u meet here in the other world too

  6. Nice story for ideals. At least apart from all those “idealistic” we-get-together-in-other-world hyperbole it’s realistic. That’s how life treats you in reality from boy’s POV. I am never broken-heart person in past. nope. But frankly speaking Love is some over-hyped concept to make people have faith, have hope and make them happy. But at he same time most depressing if not successful 🙂 . Nice story as fiction though 🙂

    1. I am happy that you are a happy person. Heart breaks are difficult to handle many times. I hope love prevails everywhere on our planet and that no one leaves someone for the sake of another.. Thank you for liking my fiction.

  7. Interesting story. Sad story in one way. Happy story in another way. No one should put their life on hold for someone that they do not completely understand…for someone impossible to attain. But then again…there is always someone in our life who we wonder about for years upon years.

  8. Your protagonist sounds like she is on the fence between atheism and belief in God. Heaven definitely exists. Plenty have come back to talk about it. Ditto for hell. The title was so intriguing n compelling i just had to open it. I could be reading you wrong but I think you maintain faithfulness with your man by fleshing out your fantasies in fictional form. A case of missed opportunities n imperfect timing or exactly the way God wishes our destiny to turn out. Gorgeous profile pic. It’s much better when you reveal your eyes even though you show me the soul hidden behind your shades in your literary composition historical musings and fashionista battle of the sexes/ spotlight on the world’s good n evil style posts xo

    1. I am not surprised you related it with atheism, god, heaven.. I like your way of approach. What do you think will happen next? And Thank you for the compliment you have given me again.

      1. well I hope they get back together but that depends on whether they are a good fit. obviously they need to break up with their other loves if they are made for each other or meant to be together. it is better that they don’t hurt those other ones they are with more by remaining with them and living a lie instead of the truth of their love otherwise they are just wasting their lives apart instead of together. perhaps they can meet by accident and consider it Gods way of bringing them back together again. maybe they could both take a holiday to an exotic island not knowing that the other one is going to be on the plane or wind up at the same destination. I love the way you express yourself too. I see there is a soul searcher in you who hungers for truth. I see a deep passionate person in you too who fights for justice and wants the world to be a more peaceful loving place.

      2. I’m not sure if my reply worked or not. I hope they meet again. I love the way your mind works too. you can be cheeky and erotic without going overboard and revealing all the cards in your hand. you know the beauty and excitement of maintaining a little mystery in how much you reveal of yourself to men. I hope they both take a separate plane to a desert island and meet again like that. I hope they leave their partners cos they are clearly not right for them and they are just making them miserable by staying even if they are convincing themselves they are doing the right thing and staying to make them feel happy and secure but they can never remain at peace as long as a part of them always belongs to somebody else. what appeals to you more as a writer? do you like it when love stories end in tragedy or joy? what excites you and makes you want to turn the pages more? do you want to be kept guessing about the future of your protagonists or do you like everything neatly wrapped up in a tight little package? Jesus loves you and I love your pure heart <3

  9. Love is hard. Having lived at least one lifetime already (I get nine of them, you know), I can honestly say there is always that one person who your feelings will never change. Time, distance, the interference of life and others…that person will always remain a true love.

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