A dream


My mother died,

I cried, cried & cried,

She came home from somewhere,

And She had a heart stroke,

She dropped money, bag and her own self on the floor,

We all ran to notice that she is no more.

I sat beside her holding her hand,

My eyes were weeping as it was her The End,

The moment stopped & she talked to me in pain,

I asked her to stay but in vain,

She wished me for my future and I begged her to try,

She asked me to show everyone’s photographs in phone,

And I complied, suddenly I thought to show her even my guy,

But couldn’t in fear of What If She Denied,

What if I didn’t get time to console her & make her say yes,

I would lose at once both of my life’s.

I knew she is slowly dying and I talked to her in my mind,

I wanted to tell it to everyone but No One’s ever gonna believe me neither even my friends,

She talked to me after she died & she changed my plight,

We came back home late night from crematorium,

To find our house vacant and wishing it’s a dream,

I saw my brother’s working together for which my mother wished forever.

I came into my bedroom and picked up her belongings tight,

I kissed her purse and things which dropped from her hand,

I kept them on my rack and lost My head,

I prayed to god to return my mother just once,

I would love her like a nice daughter, God please just once,

I wished for my death as I don’t wanna live without my mom,

But that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I hit the hay alone and Mum’s the Word,

I closed my eyes and opened when it was dawn,

I realized my eyes were still wet and soon I noticed my Mum wasn’t there Next To Me,

I said Oh No, Oh No in my unconscious mind,

Soon I regained my senses and Said Oh yes Oh yes and Ran out of my Room,

I searched for My Mother and there she was sleeping in another room,

Thank god it was A DREAM and I go bananas over,

I hugged her tightly & pull myself together..


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  1. I lost my mother about 15 years ago (and my Dad 6 yrs. ago), and I wish it were only a dream. I miss my parents every day, but I know they are watching over me. Cherish every moment with your Mom…they are precious and you will hold those memories close when one day she goes Home before you.

    1. I am sorry for your loss.. I can’t even think of the day you are living in.. Life without parents seems so impossible.. Thank you for your meaningful comment.. I appreciate you took time out to share your feelings ..

      1. It used to seem impossible to me, too, something I never even wanted to contemplate. However, it is the natural order of things, and when it happens you will survive, as I did. Life will be different, but it will still be good. Our parents would want it that way.

        1. A touching poem, Falak. Wish it was a dream in my case too. You and some others who commented on your poem narrating their own loss of parents, may like to ream my earlier blog ‘Hi, Dad, Can We Talk?’ – Parents and health are things whose value we realise only after they are lost, We take them for granted. When we realise, it may be too late.


  2. Honestly, it’s heart melting, I sobbed a little more every time I scrolled down. Glad to know i was just a dream. Even I’ve had such horrifying dreams. Can’t even imagine my life without my family. But great job on the expression. Your blog is wonderful!

  3. I had a few of these dreams and I hate them. You captured it perfectly. I love my mom and I can’t see life without here on earth.

  4. Had a tough time scrolling down the comments forum, goes on to show how popular your blog pages are..at the very outset, loved the blog title “talkaholic”, a very serious addiction indeed! And this poem had me in tears literally and was more than glad at the end and the tears of sorrow soon turned into ones of joy!

    1. Oh dear I am so sorry to make you cry but then solace found you in end or may be you found it..Thank you for your wonderful comment. . I am glad you liked my post and blog as well.. please be in touch

  5. What a beautiful, heart touching poem. I know how you felt when you had this dream and woke up to find that it was just that – a dream. I was called to care for my aging parents; I had one year to give my mother the best love a daughter could before I had to say goodbye…she has been gone these past 15 years. I’m glad that yours was a dream also.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, Old Fossil Writes. My the Lord hold you in the palm of His great hand.

    1. I am glad I found your blog and we could have This little conversation.. Thank you for your meaningful comment.. and I am sorry for your loss.. mother is an irreplaceable gift by god..

      1. Thank you…how easy, sometimes, to forget that our parents will not always be with us. And how sad when we don’t recognize the opportunity to appreciate them until it is too late. I’m glad that you…and I…took advantage of it while there is/was time. Yes…irreplaceable.

        Wishing you a lovely week!

  6. Wow this emotionally gripping, as well as a lifelong lesson. How many times do we endlessly complain about our family members and don’t appreciate it until its too late. It sounds cliché but it’s of predominant importance we appreciate the simple things in life. Mums hugs are one of them. Great poem once more, thanks for writing this 😃

    1. Thank you for your meaningful comment.. I am glad you liked it and moreover understand its crux.. Through this poem of mine I just wanted to make everyone realize the importance of their parents in their life.. And I am glad I succeed.

  7. Thank you for sharing this with me…it is sad and made me cry but it was a good cry and for you this was just a dream for me it is a real my Mom is gone she has been gone for 16 years this year. I wish no one that kind of pain but you are right about one thing if we love our Mom’s then our children will love us…and mine do…I am thankful for that and you… Kat

  8. Your dream is obviously telling you to open up – you should trust in your mother to give you the blessing you crave for. She is obviously still the most important person in your life. So glad that it was just a dream

  9. Gasp… let me pull myself back together… I’m weeping not because I have lost me mom – I haven’t, she’s well. I’m weeping not because I have indeed lost my grandma, who brought me up and is the mother figure for me. I am weeping because I became a mother one year ago and I do not want my baby to ever experience such fright and helplessness. Gosh, your poem is so powerful! Made me think things I don’t want to think 🙂

    1. This life is very cruel.. And god was tricky because he gave us all relations so that we miss none feelings.. A woman is a daughter, sister, wife, mother and so on.. If we will love our mother, our kids will love us too and vice-versa.. I am glad you liked It and sorry to make you weep.. Be In touch always

      1. Wow!
        It was the same with me.
        That evening I just lied on bed after finishing the initial rituals, suddenly it cropped up, I took a Paper and started writing and finished at a stretch within three minutes I suppose. My daughter was beside me, I gave her the paper to read it. Rest is history.

  10. Nice draft…..feelings coming out of you……and a reason or opportunity to be more loving and caring to her……at the end God is there…..So do not worry…..

  11. How horrible and frightening. Amazing to capture such fear in your words. It’s a blessing that it was a dream and you have a chance to tell your mom what you need to tell her.

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