A Date With My Job

misstalkaholic formal look

Work is usually boring. But what if your work is formally stylish? I quit my journalism job for full-time blogging and I love my life now more than ever. No more orders or deadlines from senior, you are your boss here.

In my life, I took all my decisions, I made choices and mistakes as well, I opt for Mass-Communication when my family doesn’t want me to, I joined blogging world when they barely knew. My blog is going to be one-year-old very soon and it’s amazing how things changed for me in a year. I am gonna make the rest of my life, the best of my life. Are you?

Yesterday I went to the DLF Mall Of India- one of the biggest and largest shopping mall in India. I had a date with my job over there, so I planned to wear something formal but stylishly. I wore a waist belt with my formal pants which transformed the look completely. Though I avoid wearing formal wear, I think I can give it another try. And when I am out, I can never forget getting clicked, so below are the few photographs from my previous day. What do you think of the look?

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  1. Hey im glad your doing what you love. So you do this for a living? Is there a way to get paid for blogging, how does that work exactly. Hope to see your feedback on Lizard Guts, come on by and comment, always eager to hear what you think. Glad things are going well

    1. Full time living is hard through blogging until you have achieved success. But yay, it can get you somewhere one day. Try collaboration with brands, affiliations, advertising. There are many ways to earn.

  2. Aha! Love this mall in Delhi which I visited once. Awesome that you are a journo too and been one but now more into Public Relations.I do write for a specialized business online publication as a journalist. So much in common between us! I have also made some career mistake where rather than doing Mass com PGbut read for Economics at postgrads.

  3. I think it’s great you’ve been able to quit your old job and make a living blogging! I love your handbag, but the pants would make me dizzy. LOL!

  4. I would say M&S quality, has dropped off. Their prices have certainly gone up. Your look? Yup just fine by me. Tres chic… Cheers Jamie

  5. Hello, I’ve always wanted to get into writing as my career and was just wondering how you got into Journalism? Did you go to uni or do a course? Would love to get to the point you are in your life right now. All the best and congrats on going solo successfully my dear! X

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