Query Regarding WordPress #1

I get many queries from fellow bloggers who are confused and troubled just like I used to be a month ago. I answered them personally but realized there are many people with same questions, so I have come up with the idea to blog queries. Question: Hi Falak, As you […]

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Surajkund International Crafts Mela 2017

Organized annually by the Haryana Tourism Department, 31st Surajkund Crafts Fair is one of the most famous fairs to promote Indian handicrafts items. The theme of 31st Surajkund Fair is based on the state of Jharkhand, for the first time in the history of this Fair. Jharkhand is known for Dokra art […]

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A kiss

         It wasn’t just a Kiss of summer,          We closed our eyes and felt each other,          The smell of him makes me go crazier,          His gentle hand on my back pulls me closer,     […]

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What to do on Valentines Day

Valentine week is here. It is the week of love, gifts, surprises and the day of the proposal. Everybody longs to hear a “yes” on valentine’s day, for which we plan a lot but till the last, we feel like we are missing out on something. It happens with most […]

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Are you single on Valentine?

are you single on valentine

Listening to the Valentine hype at this time of the year can be irritating for some. If you are single, then this day might be the most controversial day of the year for you. But, you can be happy being single even if it’s valentine’s day. Who cares? Remember we […]

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You Must Have Jhumka Earrings

jhumka earring

Remember the song – Jhumka Gira Re?  We, Indians love the song and the jhumka as well. Jhumka reminds us about our history, tradition, royalty, heritage and a contemporary dancer in form. Jhumkas are an absolute must-have for an Indian woman. Indian jhumka earrings are unique, glamorous and make their […]

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Delhi Darshan #National Rail Museum

ki & ka movie

I felt sad when I saw Ki&Ka movie. There was a scene pictured in the film in the National Railway Museum where the hero takes heroine on a date. Being a Delhiite, I have never been to railway museum and I felt a tremendous wave of anger on myself. Then […]

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Look zara hatt ke in Party!

party look

Whether it’s summer or winter, inflation or deflation, day or night, the party is always in our mind. With growing multi-cultural trend and modernization, we have adopted western culture and lifestyle remarkably. Cocktail party, masquerading party, theme party, pool party, Halloween are just an excuse for partying nowadays. Every party rocks […]

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